China Ningbo XiangHai Kitchenware Co.,Ltd. 

China Ningbo XiangHai Kitchenware Co.,Ltd.

We are professional kitchenware manufacturer and kitchenwares factory in China. We can produce kitchenware, kitchenwa.res, Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker, Bake'n Carry, Pancake Maker, Aluminium Pressure Cooker, Universal Lid, Pasta Pot, Griddle, Divide Pan, Donut, Ice Cream Mould, Fat Free Pan, Chocolate Maker, Multi Pan, Potato Pan, Pizza Pan, Egg Pan, Perfect Bake'n Fill Set, Chicken Roaster, Cake Mould, Milk Pot, Round Grill, Cake Pan, Frying Pan, Frying Pot, Chinese Wok, Portable Baking Oven, 4 In 1 Turkey Roaster, Coffee Parts, Aluminium Polishing Kettle, Aluminium Anodized Kettle, Aluminium Casserole, Aluminium Frying Pot, Aluminium Fry Pan, Bakelite Parts, Kitchen Tools, Stainless Steel Kettle according to your requirements. More types of kitchenware and kitchenwares wanted, please contact us right now!

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